23rd February 2024
Dr Patrick Hart - Concentric Health

60: Better than paper? A digital surgical consent platform with Dr Patrick Hart from Concentric Health

On this episode Dr Patrick Hart joins the show, he is the clinical operations lead at Concentric Health. We delve into how Concentric is pioneering change […]
25th January 2024
Umaima Ahmad - Neutrocheck

59: Neutrocheck, an at-home test for neutropenic sepsis with Umaima Ahmad from 52North

On this episode, Vinay is joined by co-founder Umaima Ahmad, to discuss their startup 52North and their ambitious tech that powers a life-saving product. Neutrocheck is […]
20th December 2023
Adam Robinson - Surgery Hero

58: Can you optimise your health before surgery with an app? With Adam Robinson from Surgery Hero

On this episode, Adam Robinson joins the show to share how his diverse background including working with Tesco and Spotify, led him to found Surgery Hero. […]
28th November 2023
Athena Doshi - Celeste

57: Do we really need precision medicine for our drug prescriptions? With Athena Doshi, founder of Celeste

On this episode, Vinay Shankar is joined by Athena Doshi, founder of Celeste, a medication diagnostic tool. The company aims to tackle the gender gap in […]