17th July 2024
Ani Haykuni - Vann

66: Vann, a cancer support platform inspired by a personal journey with Ani Haykuni

Imagine a platform where technology and compassionate care converge. This episode is a deep dive into that very space. We’re joined by Ani, the visionary founder […]
26th June 2024
Ad Gandhe - Amodisc

65: Surgical training beyond boundaries with Ad Gandhe from Amodisc

On this episode, practising orthopaedic surgeon and founder of Touch Surgery, Ad Gandhe joins the show to discuss Amodisc, his latest venture. This conversation cuts deep […]
5th June 2024
Ravi Janapureddy - Resony Health

64: Can you improve mental health in six weeks? With Ravi Janapureddy from Resony

On this episode, Ravi Janapureddy joins the show to discuss his latest venture, Resony Health. It’s a response to his own experience of burnout working as […]
8th May 2024
Kaleigh Hartigan - Fertility Mapper

63: Fertility Mapper: How to help patients navigate the fertility treatment journey? With CEO Kaleigh Hartigan

On this episode, Kaleigh Hartigan, CEO and founder who has created fertility mapper joins the show. It’s powered by user reviews and provides clarity to those […]
17th April 2024
Bruce Elliot - Memory Lane Games

62: Can you use an app to unleash the power of photos & games in dementia?

On this episode, we have CEO Bruce Elliot from Memory Lane games. It all started as a chat in a humble pub with his co-founder, where […]
27th March 2024
Kelly Klifa - Ally Health

61: Reimagining the community nursing journey for patients & nurses using tech with Kelly Klifa from Ally Health

On this episode, CEO and co-founder Kelly Klifa joins the show to discuss Ally Health. It’s a company that uses digital scheduling with a track and […]