Is There Anything A Children’s Book Can Remind A Doctor About Dementia?

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Is There Anything A Children’s Book Can Remind A Doctor About Dementia?

Great Escape Book Cover

Firstly, why do I read children’s book’s?

Well, after a long day, when the eyes are tired and the mind wants to unwind, I often find that bedtime reading escapes me. For me, the best way to deal with this is children’s books. It’s how I became interested in writing them. Short, funny, larger typeset, and pictures – What more could I ask for?

Today, I’m sharing my brief book review on Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams.

The book stars Jack, a twelve-year-old boy and it is about his bond with his beloved Grandpa – A world war two veteran who flew the spitfire. To Jack, his grandpa is a hero and he is fascinated by tales of his daring adventures. However, because of Grandpa’s dementia he believes that he is currently living in the war and that Jack is the squadron leader. This lays the foundation for some exciting, daring and thrilling adventures as concern grows around Grandpa’s memory.

The book is great as it deals with the heavy topic of dementia through Grandpa in a real but empathetic and positive manner. As a healthcare professional, we often focus on the consequences of cognitive impairment in dementia (it is our job after all) and try to address them. But equally, it reminded me that the memories that remain can still be really valued and be seen as heroic. Just as Jack does in the book. Secondly, the book highlighted how healthcare professionals can integrate real-life health issues into mainstream fiction to educate, entertain, and potentially become a best-seller – Something to bear in mind for aspiring and current healthcare authors!!

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