6th October 2016
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Medical Training

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Medical Training

Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit the gastronomic and Romanesque town that is known as Modena. The home of tortellini, balsamic vinegar and lambrusco sparking […]
26th September 2016
Medical Shorthand

Does Medical Shorthand Have Anything In Common With Journalist Shorthand?

“Dx – Chest infection, Abx, QDS, TCI if worsening.” Short for: Diagnosis – chest infection, antibiotics four times a day, to come in if worsening. “Fell […]
17th September 2016
Vinay's Character

The Detail Is In The Writing: The Character Story

When I first started writing I did the character development in my head – I thought that was enough. In hindsight, it led to my characters […]
11th September 2016
Great Escape Book Cover

Is There Anything A Children’s Book Can Remind A Doctor About Dementia?

Firstly, why do I read children’s book’s? Well, after a long day, when the eyes are tired and the mind wants to unwind, I often find […]