15 Minutes with the Doctor

28th April 2017
15 MWTD - Dr Paul Upton

01: How to create a new platform for pre-operative assessment – Dr Paul Upton

In this episode, we’ve got Dr Paul Upton from Ultramed. I met Paul at a med-tech innovation conference in 2016, and loved the new pre-op assessment […]
2nd May 2017
15 Minutes with the Doctor - Bruce Hellman

02: Capturing Data Effectively From Patients with Bruce Hellman

Bruce Hellman is Co-Founder of an innovative app called uMotif. Today, he discusses the app he has developed. It is changing the traditional approach of how […]
2nd May 2017
15MWTD - Dave Willis - Clarius

03: Creating a Revolutionary Handheld Ultrasound Device with Dave Willis

Today’s guest shares his expertise from years of working in the ultrasound industry. Their unique handheld ultrasound device can link directly to a smartphone or tablet. […]
18th May 2017
15MWTD - Mark_Ganly - N-Pro

04: How A Rugby Head Guard Was Developed As A Medical Device with Mark Ganly

On this show, we have the co-founder of N-Pro. He shares with us their story on how they have developed a unique new rugby head guard. […]