15 Minutes with the Doctor

23rd May 2023
Dr Abdullah Ableyatti - Medicalchain/MyClinic

49: How did a digital health blockchain startup lead to a telemedicine platform? With Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti is a GP and founder of two healthtech companies. Medicalchain harnesses blockchain technology to provide patients with access to their medical records on […]
14th June 2023
Lisa Patel - Istesso

50: How to create a first-in-class drug? With Lisa Patel from Istesso

On this episode, we have Lisa Patel, who is the CEO and co-founder of the drug discovery & development company Istesso. They work in the emerging […]
12th July 2023
Lucy Jung - Charco Neurotech

51: The CUE1 wearable, an effective non-drug treatment for Parkinson’s with Lucy from Charco Neurotech

Lucy Jung is the CEO of Charco Neurotech, a start-up that has created a non-invasive device for improving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The CUE1 device uses […]
26th July 2023
Brian Plackis Cheng - OpenRad

52: How to streamline medical image reporting with Brian Plackis Cheng from OpenRad

In this episode, Vinay talks to Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO of OpenRad, a teleradiology service. The company brings radiology reporting services to the cloud. It enables […]