My writing journey started after third year in medical school. I had been tasked to help market two to three books in the summer break by my brother. While backpacking through Nepal, I read numerous copywriting e-books that my brother gave me on my shiny new netbook (a bribe from him of course) and started to really appreciate the power of words. I began to use my new found skills to write websites, press releases and email campaigns.

I got a buzz from writing, I wanted to do more. But medical school and training meant time was scarce but I needed to put my new skills and ideas out there. I co-founded an eco-ethical t-shirt company with my brother, our dream was to have full transparency across the full supply chain while having thought provoking designs. It was tough, I learnt a lot – more from our mistakes than anything else.

It was here though, that I really began to realise the power of story. I love stories. They can entertain, sell, teach and most of all they inspire. For me, writing, ideas and being entrepreneurial are all connected, they go hand in hand. You, a product, a business, a patient – They all have a unique story shaped by multiple influences to this day.

Time after time my colleagues tell me great ideas.

Sometimes they don’t even realise how effectively their cool idea could solve a problem. Now, healthcare always needs innovation but you don’t have to limit yourself to just that. What about the nurse on the ward who bakes the best cakes and could have her own business or a blog? The speech therapist who could write an e-book sharing her unique skills or a new technique? The doctor who wants to create their own app? You might just want to write a story with your son or daughter as the hero.

The list is endless.

I think because of our experiences with people and systems we are well placed to write, innovate and create that special product. We hear stories everyday, we try to find solutions for people, and if you have a passion to share that further let’s do just that. I want to show you that you can have your ‘day’ job and write your own book or even set up your business. I will share my tips and tactics on how to write and publish a book, set up your own digital presence for your story, and do my best to bring you inspirational content.

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