6th September 2023
Dr Peter Fish - Mendelian

54: Can you use AI to discover rare diseases? With Dr Peter Fish from Mendelian

On this episode, Dr Peter Fish, the CEO of Mendelian joins the show. Their mission is to make it easier for clinicians to diagnose rare diseases. […]
10th August 2023
Dom Raban - Xploro

53: Can a digital health app beat patient information leaflets? With Dom Raban from Xploro

On this episode we have Dom Raban, the CEO of Xploro, a digital therapeutics platform. As a result of his daughter developing and then beating cancer […]
26th July 2023
Brian Plackis Cheng - OpenRad

52: How to streamline medical image reporting with Brian Plackis Cheng from OpenRad

In this episode, Vinay talks to Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO of OpenRad, a teleradiology service. The company brings radiology reporting services to the cloud. It enables […]
12th July 2023
Lucy Jung - Charco Neurotech

51: The CUE1 wearable, an effective non-drug treatment for Parkinson’s with Lucy from Charco Neurotech

Lucy Jung is the CEO of Charco Neurotech, a start-up that has created a non-invasive device for improving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The CUE1 device uses […]
14th June 2023
Lisa Patel - Istesso

50: How to create a first-in-class drug? With Lisa Patel from Istesso

On this episode, we have Lisa Patel, who is the CEO and co-founder of the drug discovery & development company Istesso. They work in the emerging […]
23rd May 2023
Dr Abdullah Ableyatti - Medicalchain/MyClinic

49: How did a digital health blockchain startup lead to a telemedicine platform? With Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti is a GP and founder of two healthtech companies. Medicalchain harnesses blockchain technology to provide patients with access to their medical records on […]