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6th June 2022
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46: Cinapsis, a healthtech platform supercharging how clinicians connect with Dr Owain Rhys Hughes

Owain Rhys Hughes - Cinapsis - 15MWTD
Owain is a former NHS surgeon and founder at Cinapsis. It’s communications platform that enables GPs and clinicians to access support from specialists easily. Doctors can access the service through an app or directly through their primary care electronic health record system like EMIS or Systmone. It saves time, improves the patient journey and can save money.

What you will learn in this episode:

What is Cinapsis?

Cinapsis is a clinical communication platform that makes it easy for clinicians to communicate and securely share information. Typically, those are clinicians who work in different organisations. The most common example is a GP or a nurse in the community who wants to get advice from a consultant who works in their local hospital. So it’s used within and between hospitals.

What distinguishes it from other platforms?

The focus is on user experience. The platform is where you get advice without thinking about how to get it. It is quick and easy, and everything is automatically recorded into the patient record. So, for example, it’s effortless to take a picture on your mobile and send it to a consultant to have a conversation.

Tech Integration in the NHS

Integration took time. The platform wasn’t integrated during its first launch. It only works if it integrates on the primary care side and secondary care side and with all NHS systems.

How to Build Good Tech in Primary Care

Listening to the people who use the technology is crucial, and it is an ongoing process. Clinicians tend to make the worst mistakes. But, they just make and find workarounds. Ask your users about their problems, and keep checking and improving. Some clinicians are really good at giving feedback, but many are too busy. So it’s about listening and having empathy.

The Future of Cinapsis

The problem that Cinapsis is solving is enabling clinicians to get advice for patients quickly. Over the next five years, getting that right will transform how patients receive care. Making communication between clinicians in all parts of the health system as easy and as smooth as possible is a big challenge for the next five years.

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