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50: How to create a first-in-class drug? With Lisa Patel from Istesso
14th June 2023
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52: How to streamline medical image reporting with Brian Plackis Cheng from OpenRad
26th July 2023
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51: The CUE1 wearable, an effective non-drug treatment for Parkinson’s with Lucy from Charco Neurotech

Lucy Jung - Charco Neurotech
Lucy Jung is the CEO of Charco Neurotech, a start-up that has created a non-invasive device for improving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The CUE1 device uses vibrotactile stimulation through a small electronic device placed on the chest. It’s a unique device inspired by the famous neurologist Dr Charcot and already has 16 000 patients on the waiting list. Learn about her story starting from developing the product while doing her Masters at Imperial College London, her focus on using tech to help with long-term conditions, and all the detail about developing the product.

On the show, you’ll discover:

  • How Lucy believes in the power of tech to improve quality of life
  • How meeting a man with Parkinson’s changed her research focus
  • How she developed Charco Neurotech’s mission statement
  • How keeping patients at the centre of their work drives innovation
  • How the CUE1 works and its development from interview-based research
  • How the device uses vibrotactile stimulation
  • How users have reported better balance, posture, decreased tremors and better sleep
  • What challenges Charco Neurotech faced and overcame
  • Lucy’s advice for other healthtech entrepreneurs

Guest: Lucy Jung

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
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