Alistair Murray - Phlo
55: From Echo to Phlo: How to build a new digital pharmacy world? with Alistair Murray from Phlo
26th September 2023
Athena Doshi - Celeste
57: Do we really need precision medicine for our drug prescriptions? With Athena Doshi, founder of Celeste
28th November 2023
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56: How to use a digital health platform to effectively prescribe exercise? With Louise O’Mahony from EXi

Louise O' Mahony - EXI
On this episode we have Louise O’Mahony, who is the head of customer success at EXI. She shares her transformative journey from managing exercise referral services to working with the National Diabetes Prevention Program and now working on the EXI platform. EXI has been built to integrate with existing technologies to create a seamless pathway to prescribing exercise and holistic fitness. The app simplifies the task of prescribing exercise for people, including those with long-term conditions, acknowledging all achievements. The data leveraged from the app is designed to help medical professionals review exercise regimes easily while continually refining the AI in the platform for better outcomes.

On the show, you will discover::

  • Louise’s background in exercise and nutrition
  • How the EXI platform works and its approach to prescription-based fitness
  • How the word ‘prescription’ is influencing the role that exercise plays in health
  • How market research plays a crucial role in patient engagement
  • Louise discusses EXI’s decision to become a Class 1 medical device
  • How rewards on the EXI platform are used to promote healthy behaviours
  • How employers using the platform are exploring new opportunities for their employees
  • Louise touches on the benefits of human connection to improve health outcomes
  • How setting achievable goals is an essential part of healthy lifestyle changes

Guest: Louise O’Mahony

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar

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