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23rd May 2023
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51: The CUE1 wearable, an effective non-drug treatment for Parkinson’s with Lucy from Charco Neurotech
12th July 2023
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50: How to create a first-in-class drug? With Lisa Patel from Istesso

Lisa Patel - Istesso
On this episode, we have Lisa Patel, who is the CEO and co-founder of the drug discovery & development company Istesso. They work in the emerging field of immunometabolism, harnessing the connection between immunology & metabolism to help a patient return to their natural rhythm. Lisa wanted to further her passion to eliminate conditions like rheumatoid arthritis by creating a ‘first in class’ medication that could change the way we treat autoimmune conditions. Hear about her experiences from working at a world-class pharma company, her views on being mentioned in a leading financial column, the role of big tech in drug discovery and her advice for entrepreneurs in the STEM field.

On the show, you’ll find out:

  • How Lisa’s experience at GlaxoSmithKline helped her start Istesso
  • How Istesso has successfully gained support from Innovate UK
  • How Lisa’s motivation to create efficient and effective medical solutions is powering Istesso’s work
  • How patient care became a driving force of drug development at Istesso
  • How she developed an arsenal of new skills as an entrepreneur
  • How restoring the body’s ‘natural rhythm’ is a core part of immunometabolism research
  • How Istesso is developing a new drug that could replace a common drug with many side effects used to treat rheumatoid arthritis
  • Her passion for solving the ongoing symptoms of patients suffering from autoimmune diseases
  • How deep tech and AI are helping in clinical trials and drug research
  • Her advice for women wanting to enter STEM careers or become entrepreneurs in the field

LinkedIn: Lisa Patel
Website: https://istesso.co.uk/

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Website: https://www.oncedaily.co
iTunes: 15 Minutes With The Doctor
Spotify: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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