61: Reimagining the community nursing journey for patients & nurses using tech with Kelly Klifa from Ally Health

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61: Reimagining the community nursing journey for patients & nurses using tech with Kelly Klifa from Ally Health

Kelly Klifa - Ally Health
On this episode, CEO and co-founder Kelly Klifa joins the show to discuss Ally Health. It’s a company that uses digital scheduling with a track and trace type system to bring clinical care to the home. No stranger to entrepreneurship, she is the founder of Testing for All, a company with an annual turnover of £29 million, which became the leading Covid-19 platform for connecting laboratories and home testing. They started with just one partner, and ended with eight labs processing between 8K and 10K tests a day.
Ally Health utilises a similar tech to ensure that community nursing workflow is optimised replacing traditional systems that meet demand with less efficiently. It also brings the ability for patients to have real-time updates about their nursing visits.


  • How Kelly developed her first successful venture, Testing for All through the pandemic
  • How her mission to make Testing for All accessible and affordable succeeded
  • How they built real-time integrations across the logistical journey for transparency
  • How the development of Testing for All and the experience of Covid-19 led to the creation of Ally Health
  • How the limits of remote healthcare and the importance of nursing led them to Ally Health
  • How Ally Health can replace an inefficient paper-based system for mobile and community nursing
  • How they created a platform to aggregate nurses and create an on-demand scheduling system
  • How their solution can help support nurses with their workload by helping to get nurses in the right places which suit their competences
  • How homebound patients are now able to track their nurse visits with up-to-date visibility
  • How for agency nurses the platform creates a ‘gig economy’ to improve their access to work
  • How the platform is reducing admin work in the NHS
  • How their current pathways include preventative medicine and preoperative care
  • How they’re moving towards offering a supply-based resource search for nursing

Guest: Kelly Klifa
LinkedIn: Ally Health
Website: Ally Health

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Website: https://www.oncedaily.co
Podcast: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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