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63: Fertility Mapper: How to help patients navigate the fertility treatment journey? With CEO Kaleigh Hartigan

Kaleigh Hartigan - Fertility Mapper
On this episode, Kaleigh Hartigan, CEO and founder who has created fertility mapper joins the show. It’s powered by user reviews and provides clarity to those seeking fertility treatments. Kaleigh also reveals their newest tool to help those pursuing NHS support for fertility. The NHS IVF tool, breaks down complex criteria, to offer any person who needs it a comprehensive understanding of their eligibility for NHS treatment.
Having worked extensively in the NHS and also the WHO before developing Fertility Mapper, she advised private equity firms on health investments. Going on to adult social care, her experience, seeing those struggling to find support, prompted her entrepreneurial streak. Hear about her previous roles and learnings, how their platform empowers people looking for fertility support, how they built and plan to grow in the future.


  • How Kayleigh began a 20-year stint in health, including roles at WHO and with NHS England
  • How she began Fertility Mapper to empower people on their fertility journey
  • Why she developed an NHS IVF eligibility calculator & the fertility clinic review system
  • How her work in private equity revealed the different players in the delivery of healthcare
  • Why she decided not to move into chronic conditions despite her experience in digital health
  • What the process of finding and receiving fertility treatment looks like for most patients
  • How the Fertility Mapper website provides people with a cadre of support and information
  • How Fertility Mapper seeks personalised feedback from patients on their fertility journey
  • How they structure their patient feedback through a review and metric system
  • How Fertility Mapper reviews are raising standards at Fertility Clinics
  • How they’re creating a system of financial transparency in clinics
  • How they’re deciphering policy documents for universal access to fertility treatment
  • Her thoughts on digital and the women’s health arena
  • What the future of her product and its uses in other areas of health

Guest: Kaleigh Hartigan

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Podcast: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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