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44: How to create a health & wellbeing chatbot with Grace Gimson from Holly Health

Grace Gimson - Holly Health - 15 MWTD
Grace Gimson is the co-founder of Holly Health, a coaching app to support wellbeing. Grace came from a family of engineers and is naturally drawn to solving problems through creating products or services. The unsolved issues surrounding the health industry attracted her to build Holly Health. Learn about her story, how it all works, their challenges and their vision.

What you will learn in this episode:

What is Holly Health?

Holly Health is a digital app that aims to help people by being their personal lifestyle coach. It provides support in everyday life and guides people to proactive health.

Holly bird will be your friend and a personal coach. At first, it will be asking a few questions to build a profile. Next, this will lead to Holly bird providing suggestions based on previous research and evidence. Finally, it will provide coaching, reflection exercises, meditations, and articles to help you have proactive health.

How does Holly bird work?

Holly Bird will ask about sleep, mental health, diet, one’s connection with food, and physical activity. It then aims to develop a prioritisation system depending on your motives and where you are right now. Lastly, it will help to encourage the person based on that information.

Are there any expected pilot or research outcomes?

There have been studies. They’ve seen excellent outcomes in reducing problematic eating habits, stress eating, and sustainable weight management. They are also focusing on sleep behaviours. They’ve begun a series of trial projects with GP surgeries across the country, and they want to collect more clinical outcomes from patients.

What are the ambitions for 2-3 years?

They’d like to make these treatments available to patients across the country, whether through weight management programs with a more psychological approach or mental health and eating disorder services. They developed it digitally yet welcoming and individualised to reach as many people as possible.

What are the struggles?

Challenges are inevitable. One of them is the process of education for clinicians and NHS commissioners. Nevertheless, they have been establishing some approaches to new evidence and applying mindfulness-based techniques to lifestyle behaviours.

Get to know more about Holly Health better by visiting their website at https://hollyhealth.io/.
Connect with Grace Gimson on LinkedIn or email her at grace@hollyhealth.io
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Once Daily: https://www.oncedaily.co/how-to-design-a-digital-health-chatbot-with-a-human-touch/

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