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25th January 2024
Kelly Klifa - Ally Health
61: Reimagining the community nursing journey for patients & nurses using tech with Kelly Klifa from Ally Health
27th March 2024
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60: Better than paper? A digital surgical consent platform with Dr Patrick Hart from Concentric Health

Dr Patrick Hart - Concentric Health
On this episode Dr Patrick Hart joins the show, he is the clinical operations lead at Concentric Health. We delve into how Concentric is pioneering change in surgical operations and procedures. It streamlines how patients and clinicians navigate the consent process, reducing errors and delays in operations, integrating with electronic health record systems, and ultimately leading to better informed patients. The company is the market leader for digital consent in the UK, offering standardised consent forms for over 2000 operations across various NHS hospitals.


  • How Patrick pivoted from medical training to health technology
  • How he became a ‘founder associate’ at Concentric and what responsibilities and opportunities it has offered
  • How Concentric Health was developed by surgeons frustrated with archaic paper-based patient forms
  • How this digital solution prevents basic errors in information that can cause delays and cancellations
  • How increased medical-legal cases over the last 15 years have prompted a discussion on the field of consent in medicine
  • How the current organisational structure of colour coding consent forms often leaves clinicians stressed and overworked
  • How junior doctors and staff have praised the platform for providing standardised information at their fingertips
  • How a medical professional uses the platform and the customisable options they have available
  • How enhancing patient conversations not replacing them is the focus of digitalisation
  • How their internal monitoring continues to make the product more efficient for users
  • How their biggest competitor became the status quo, not a competing product
  • How Concentric are using several access touchpoints to make integration as seamless as possible

Guest: Dr Patrick Hart

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Podcast: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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