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47: Can you use tech to empower our healthcare teams? with Dr Anas Nader from Patchwork
2nd August 2022
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49: How did a digital health blockchain startup lead to a telemedicine platform? With Dr Abdullah Albeyatti
23rd May 2023
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48: How to go deeper with AI to reduce missed healthcare appointments in the NHS? With Dr Benyamin Deldar from Deep Medical

Dr Benyamin Deldar - Deep Medical
On this episode, we have Benyamin, a Doctor and co-founder of Deep Medical. He developed the idea for the company in 2020 alongside his co-founder, David Hanbury, who is an AI engineer. They wanted to help utilise appointments in healthcare more efficiently while being focused on finding solutions that were people-centred.

Using AI, Deep Medical is designed to better understand human behaviour and predict who might be at risk of missing their appointments with 90% accuracy. We talk about Benyamin’s journey to developing the product, how the product works, their current rollout and their ongoing ambition to reduce health inequalities.

On the show, you’ll find out:

  • Benyamin’s experience as a junior doctor
  • How he started his own business in standardising care
  • How he’s used AI and a patient-centric approach to find out how to prevent missed appointments
  • How Benyamin found medicine despite a love of Maths & Economics
  • How he found radiology through his passion for digital innovation
  • How moving to the US allowed him to assess a tech-based approach to medicine
  • How looking at demographic data helped him understand the barriers to appointment attendance
  • How inequality, class and local environments are key to AI-based appointment allocation
  • How he and his co-founder David combined their knowledge of machine learning and clinical care to develop Deep Medical
  • and much much more!

Website: http://www.deep-medical.ai/
LinkedIn: Dr Benyamin Deldar
LinkedIn: David Hanbury

Connect with Vinay: Vinay Shankar
Website: https://www.oncedaily.co/
Podcast: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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