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26th July 2023
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53: Can a digital health app beat patient information leaflets? With Dom Raban from Xploro

Dom Raban - Xploro
On this episode we have Dom Raban, the CEO of Xploro, a digital therapeutics platform. As a result of his daughter developing and then beating cancer as a child, he was inspired to create the company to help young people better understand their health condition. The platform uses augmented reality, games, chatbots, and AI to deliver health content to children and young adults in a more meaningful way. This improves satisfaction and health outcomes. Learn about his design background, developing the product, the key features and research, expanding into world markets, and how they plan to bring the product to adults.

On the show, you’ll find out:

  • How Dom began his career in design and UX in the 80s
  • How his daughter’s cancer diagnosis inspired the development of Xploro
  • How noticing his daughter’s resistance to treatment was a consequence of little to no age-appropriate information
  • How Xploro’s uses 3D avatars to improve a child’s care & understanding
  • How games, gamification and AR can help a children’s familiarity with their diagnosis and treatment
  • How Xploro’s content is based on research into improved prognosis based on informed patients
  • How content is created in partnership with children and medical professionals
  • How their subscription fee is based on content configuration and not number of users
  • The differences between the US and the UK market in patient care
  • The future of the product for both children and young adults into 2024

Guest: Dom Raban

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar

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