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64: Can you improve mental health in six weeks? With Ravi Janapureddy from Resony

Ravi Janapureddy - Resony Health
On this episode, Ravi Janapureddy joins the show to discuss his latest venture, Resony Health. It’s a response to his own experience of burnout working as a financial consultant. Vinay navigates through the creation of Resony, a software as medical device platform that promises to improve accessibility to mental health services. The app, backed by some of the best elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, offers users a 6-week programme to manage anxiety, reduce stress and build resilience. Ravi is no stranger to entrepreneurship, with his disruptive mindset, he has begun several ventures including a farm to fork agribusiness and a perinatal mental health company.


  • How Ravi began Resony Health after a career in financial consulting
  • How his own burnout led to his committing his career to tackling mental health
  • How Resony Health provides a simple evidence-based 6-week mental health programme to reduce anxiety
  • Why out of around 25K mental health apps, Resony is one of the few undergone regulatory scrutiny as a medical device
  • How his passion for accessibility drives his work
  • How the core of accessibility is to support a digital approach so clinicians can more easily priortise moderate to severe cases
  • How CBT and body-based work have become its core
  • How users can measure and monitor their program using validated clinical questionnaires
  • How Ravi chose clinical outcomes over business models that encouraged long-term subscriptions
  • How Resony Health is the first digital therapeutic company to be issued with a research recommendation from the NHS
  • How Resony Health has secured clinical outcomes at a tenth of the cost of mainstream therapy

Guest: Ravi Janapureddy
Website: https://www.resony.health/

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Website: https://www.oncedaily.co
Podcast: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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