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51: The CUE1 wearable, an effective non-drug treatment for Parkinson’s with Lucy from Charco Neurotech
12th July 2023
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53: Can a digital health app beat patient information leaflets? With Dom Raban from Xploro
10th August 2023
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52: How to streamline medical image reporting with Brian Plackis Cheng from OpenRad

Brian Plackis Cheng - OpenRad
In this episode, Vinay talks to Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO of OpenRad, a teleradiology service. The company brings radiology reporting services to the cloud. It enables all medical imaging interpretation to happen remotely, allows easier collaboration with clinical colleagues and patients can access their scans through the patient portal. Brian is a specialist in scaling tech companies, with a deep passion for defining the future of radiology. As a serial entrepreneur, he has brought his expertise in AI, the cloud and online media to OpenRad.

On the show you’ll find out:

  • What is OpenRad?
  • How OpenRad was designed to tackle the growing shortage of radiologists
  • The need to improve access to radiologists remotely and across the world
  • How traditional reporting is moving to the cloud to aid collaboration
  • How patient portals can lead to empowerment
  • How automation and AI can help the healthcare workforce
  • How solutions like OpenRad can decrease burnout and increase workload distribution
  • Brian’s experience in developing cloud-based apps and elderly care
  • How AI is becoming an important tool in diagnostics
  • How OpenRad has the capacity to create huge savings for hospitals

Brian Plackis Cheng: Brian Plackis Cheng:

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
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