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7th November 2023
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20th December 2023
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57: Do we really need precision medicine for our drug prescriptions? With Athena Doshi, founder of Celeste

Athena Doshi - Celeste
On this episode, Vinay Shankar is joined by Athena Doshi, founder of Celeste, a medication diagnostic tool. The company aims to tackle the gender gap in health, to provide prescriptions that fit physiology to improve outcomes in women’s health. Celeste aims not only to bridge the gap, but decrease wastage and eliminate the time it takes to treat a patient with the optimal drug. The platform works seamlessly with healthcare systems to provide a holistic approach to diagnostics and prescriptions. Learn all about it, and why Athena believes the ExactRx platform is a crucial infrastructure piece for healthcare systems.

Learn about:

  • How she began her first company at college as a response to a medical mission trip in Tanzania
  • How she is using the principle of co-design to develop Celeste as a holistic standard of care
  • How Celeste is addressing the gender data health gap and its disproportionate impact on women
  • How Celeste’s diagnostic tool called ExactRx, is addressing the experiences patients have with medication to produce better health outcomes
  • How the tool automates existing guidelines
  • How the underpinning research for Celeste is pharmacometabolomics, an area the co-founder specialises in
  • How Celeste can be used by clinicians to better inform their prescriptions
  • How Athena is focussed on pitching Celeste as an infrastructure system for healthcare systems

Guest: Athena Doshi
Website: Celeste

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Website: https://www.oncedaily.co
Podcast: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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