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54: Can you use AI to discover rare diseases? With Dr Peter Fish from Mendelian
6th September 2023
Louise O' Mahony - EXI
56: How to use a digital health platform to effectively prescribe exercise? With Louise O’Mahony from EXi
7th November 2023
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55: From Echo to Phlo: How to build a new digital pharmacy world? with Alistair Murray from Phlo

Alistair Murray - Phlo
On this episode, we welcome Alastair Murray who is the chief pharmacist at Phlo. He was started his healthtech journey at Echo, the digital pharmacy that was later acquired by Lloyds Pharmacy. Phlo aims to provide a safer, error-free prescriptions-based system. Its API creates seamless connections with existing client’s software and the distinctive Phlo Connect system uses AI to track availability, stock, and price. Learn all about Alistair’s journey, the experiences he gained scaling Echo, how Phlo works and their unique tech, and their ambitious plans to transform medication dispensing.

On the show, you will discover::

  • How Alastair began working in the pharmacy world
  • His insights on Phlo, a digital prescribing platform
  • How utilising modern technology is an essential part of modernising healthcare
  • The key differences between Phlo’s proprietary Phlo Connect data system and paper-based methods
  • How the API system and safety protocols they’ve developed ensure consumer safety
  • How finding a team of like-minded has been a challenge for Phlo
  • How Phlo has developed various points of contact for patients
  • And much more…

Guest: Alastair Murray
Website: https://wearephlo.com/

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Website: https://www.oncedaily.co

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