Athena Doshi - Celeste
57: Do we really need precision medicine for our drug prescriptions? With Athena Doshi, founder of Celeste
28th November 2023
Umaima Ahmad - Neutrocheck
59: Neutrocheck, an at-home test for neutropenic sepsis with Umaima Ahmad from 52North
25th January 2024
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58: Can you optimise your health before surgery with an app? With Adam Robinson from Surgery Hero

Adam Robinson - Surgery Hero
On this episode, Adam Robinson joins the show to share how his diverse background including working with Tesco and Spotify, led him to found Surgery Hero. The company was developed to tackle mental and physical issues that can reduce the effectiveness of surgery due to various aspects such as anxiety, weight management, alcohol use and more. They provide their patients with education, coaching and digital tools that can reduce cancellations, hospital stays, and rehabilitation times. With the evidence showing that good perioperative care can improve patient outcomes by more than 50%, their goal is to have 100 million people have successful surgeries. Adam takes us through the targets for the business, their vision for the expansion of the product, and how his own experience impacted the development of the product.


  • How working with Tesco became one of the most creative times of his career
  • His thoughts on what companies understand about the necessity of UX/UI
  • His impressions on digital transformation in healthcare & the NHS
  • How they noticed a gap in the market for supporting surgical procedures
  • How they connected perioperative care and lifestyle changes with patient outcomes
  • How Surgery Hero is delivered as a ‘B to B to C’ model through their app
  • What you’d expect to find on the Surgery Hero app if you were facing a surgical procedure
  • How Wayne Rooney and Brad Pitt fit into their user design!
  • How they’re using behavioural change methods to foster lifestyle changes in the app
  • How they’ve built a market in the UK across 12 NHS sites

Guest: Adam Robinson

Host: Dr Vinay Shankar
Podcast: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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