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39: Using tech to help improve male intimate health with Patricia from MYHIXEL

15MWTD - Patricia Lopez - MYHIXEL
In this episode, Vinay is joined by Patricia, the founder of MYHIXEL. The company was founded in 2017 to improve male intimate wellness and to help men suffering from premature ejaculation. The product combines an app, a registered medical device and uses CBT concepts. Learn about the design and manufacture process, the research so far, and how the product uses gamification.

What you will learn in this episode:

What is MYHIXEL?

MYHIXEL is a male sexual health brand that supports men suffering from premature ejaculation and difficulties with climax control. It combines science, tech and gamification.

What’s the medical problem?

Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction. 31% of men from 18 to 59 suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their life. Also, climax control is one of the main concerns for men because they are worried about lasting longer in bed, and it is a common googled question.

“We are also eliminating the barrier of those men that are feeling shame, or taboos when they have to face this condition because 80% of them don’t want to go to a physical consultation because they feel shame. So we are creating something for them.”

The product

The solution combines a medical device, which is a male stimulation device combined with cognitive behavioural therapy for teaching men to control their body in the process of climaxing. The therapy has been translated into a mobile app that has been gamified and anonymised.

During the research, how many trials have you done?

The chief of research is Dr Rodriguez. He and his team started in 2014. They conducted a three case series and then a randomised control trial. In 2017, Patricia decided to bring to the table a group of engineers to the researchers who were working in the field. It was then they designed the specific device. Around 150 patients have participated in their study. But around 2000 men have tested their solution.

What do you say to those critics who might say that this is just a toy?

They realised that sexual health professionals were recommending the use of these kinds of products to their patients because they didn’t have any specific tool for them. So from these conversations and research, Patricia decided to create and design something that met the needs of the health professionals and users.


Learn more and connect with Patricia: https://myhixel.com/

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