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32: Corti, An AI Friend For Emergency Call Handlers With Andreas Cleve

15MWTD - Andreas Cleve - Corti
Our guest on this episode of 15 Minutes with the Doctor is Andreas Cleve, co-founder of Corti.ai. It’s a voice-based digital assistant that augments conversations that emergency call handlers have with patients, to provide them with additional support in real-time. Learn how Corti started, how it can provide second opinions using AI, and their focus on high-quality data.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The premise of Corti
  • The origins of Corti
  • Corti’s data
  • How Corti will help further healthcare

The premise of Corti

  • Medical expertise is hard to acquire, and Corti can help fill the gaps
  • It is a voice-based digital system that curates data from millions of previous emergency calls
  • It distributes the expertise of medical professionals beyond their reach

“Corti will listen in when a patient and medical professional are conversing and try to help the medical professional come up with the most plausible course of action to triage the patient.”

The origins of Corti

  • Founded in 2016
  • Andreas recognised that medical professionals could feel overwhelmed by the limits of their medical knowledge
  • There is a lot of pressure on medical professionals to detect, diagnose, and treat patients based on one conversation with them

“Illness has always been a big part of my life and learning to cope with it. The importance of having access to support and advice and expertise is something that is possible.”

Corti’s data

  • Currently, 7 emergency organisations are using Corti’s service
  • Data has been collected from over 7 million emergency calls
  • Corti provides a multi-dimensional platform that will help medical professionals augment their opinions with previous similar patient conversations
  • With follow-up data, Corti can offer probabilities for diagnosis and treatment

“We can reduce the number of undetected cardiac arrests by up to 44%”

How Corti will help further healthcare

  • Healthcare must stand the test of time
  • Start from high-acuity conversations in emergency care then move into broader aspects such as triage
  • Corti’s employees truly believe in the mission of making second opinions accessible to everyone

“Corti can pattern-track what is said and correlate it to clean data.”

For more information:

Corti AI supports emergency service dispatchers by providing diagnostic advice

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