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14th April 2020
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17th July 2020
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31: How AccuRx Chain Rapidly Mobilised To Support Family Doctors During The Coronavirus Pandemic With Jacob Haddad

15MWTD - Jacob Haddad - Accurx
In this episode, Vinay speaks with Jacob from AccuRx. Jacob is one of the creators of Chain SMS, a program designed for primary care to be able to easily and quickly communicate with their patients, video consult, and send documents. The text-based service has proved a hit with many doctors in a huge shift to virtual and remote consultations in response to Covid-19.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Chain SMS and its key features
  • The why
  • Vinay’s experience with Chain SMS
  • How AccuRx mobilised quickly
  • Chain SMS statistics
  • The interesting ways Chain SMS has been used during COVID
  • Will there be continued use or growth after the pandemic?

Chain SMS and its key features

  • Originally designed for GP practices to communicate information with patients
  • Over the past few weeks, have added the ability to collect data from patients, send documents, video consult, etc.
  • The problem and the solution

“As a company, we believe that healthcare is a communication industry.”

The why

  • Initially worked on antibiotic prescribing and how to send information to patients
  • They wanted to build something easy-to-adopt and a useful way for doctors to contact patients. This led to them launching Chain SMS two years ago
  • Jacob has a personal interest in healthcare systems and improving workflow

Vinay’s experience with Chain SMS

  • Chain SMS formed part of a model supporting a switch to a total triage system where patients avoid coming into the surgery

“We do a new release of our software every couple of days, and are constantly making really small improvements.”

How AccuRx mobilised quickly

  • Dedicated time to building good infrastructure (updating software, user accounts, support team, etc.)
  • The team is committed to helping users and improving constantly
  • Over a weekend in March, they enabled features to help doctors respond more effectively to Covid-19
  • They wanted something that worked without an app or required new hardware and have also developed a hospital version

“The need to communicate has only just become a lot more acute during Covid, because things cannot be solved face-to-face.”

Chain SMS statistics

  • 6 400 GP practices in England using the service out of a possible 7000
  • 150 000 patient messages sent each day
  • 15 000 documents and patient responses

The interesting ways Chain SMS has been used during COVID

  • Practices can speak to patients on the phone, create a summary of the record or referral, and send it directly to the patient for them to take it to hospital if needed
  • Adding multiple people to video calls (other family members or interpreters)
  • Patients wait in the car park, and doctors send an SMS when they’re ready to see the patient

Will there be continued use or growth after the pandemic?

  • Some facets aren’t specific to coronavirus
  • Plans and hopes to bring new features and growth beyond primary care
  • New features like facilitating patient initiation of sending a message

For more information:

Website: https://www.accurx.com/

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