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17th December 2019
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1st May 2020
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30: Personalised 3D Printed Nutritional Supplements with Melissa Snover from Nourished

15MWTD - Melissa Snover - Nourished
On this episode, Vinay is joined by Melissa from Nourished, a start-up where they create a personalised nutritional supplement using 3D printers in single batches. Melissa shares her background that led to this venture, describes various aspects of the product, benefits of the unique market and how their adaptability meant they could create a new blend as requested by customers for nutritional support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • What is Nourished?
  • About the Gummy Stacks
  • Live Stacks vs create your custom stack
  • How they designed the personal stacks?
  • Benefits and challenges of 3D printing

What is Nourished?

  • How it started
  • The technology behind it
  • The problem and the solution
  • The previous business that led to Nourished

“One of the trends we see is people not supplementing to make up for a shortage of nutrients but to boost performance.”

Gummy Stacks

  • Seven nutrients in the product – Why 7 nutrients?
  • The UK as a test market and understanding the market
  • Keep it simple and realise that you do have something to give

“More than half of the UK takes vitamins on a regular basis.”

Life Stacks vs create your custom stack

  • Paralysis of choice potential
  • Category choices
  • Blend surrounding Coronavirus
  • Quick timeline turnaround because made on demand
  • Response to market demand in real-time

“We can add new stacks in seven minutes.”

How they designed personal stacks

  • Testing for future biometric products
  • Finding the right way to offer value and generate income
  • How they chose ingredients

Cost and numbers

  • Cost-effective price point
  • A High percentage of people choosing customised stacks
  • Ambition for number of subscribers now vs 3 years

Benefits and challenges of 3D printing

  • How the prototype works
  • Importance of a good team
  • An open market full of enthusiasts pushing forward for the advancement of the technology.

“When you have a prototype, you have to get as much experience as you can and continually optimise the design until you have something good enough.”

For more information:

Website: https://get-nourished.com/

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