15MWTD - SkinVision & NeedleSmart
26: Staircase Chats with SkinVision & NeedleSmart – Digital Healthcare Show 2019
29th July 2019
5MWTD - Hazel Maxwell - Ladle
28: Ladle – A digital weight loss tool with Hazel Maxwell
31st October 2019
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27: Optimising Your Life & Brain with Dan Murray-Serter from Heights

15MWTD - Dan Murray-Serter -Heights15MWTD - Dan Murray-Serter -Heights
On this episode, Vinay speaks with Dan from Heights. Dan and his team aim to help people optimise their life and brain by providing curated content in neuroscience, nutrition and psychology. Dan is also launching a high quality supplement for brain health. Learn about his passion to move into the wellness space, his past as a co-founder of a popular fashion mobile app, and he shares what he has learnt from his entrepreneurial journey so far.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The product – A supplement for the brain
  • The content – A weekly newsletter
  • Awareness of user needs
  • Advice to creators and aspiring creators of medical apps

The product – A supplement for the brain

  • Promotes longevity in brain health
  • Assists in the absorption of the hydration and nutrition
  • Amplifies productivity and overall wellbeing
  • Will be launched in January 2020, but email subscribers are invited to begin testing the product later this autumn

“We are creating the highest-quality multivitamin for the brain that can help promote longevity in brain health.”

The content – A weekly newsletter

  • Provides value to the users, educating them about how science practically impacts their brains
  • Contains curated content from scientific journals, making it accessible to the layperson

“I turn the science into English and make it engaging and fun for people to learn more about their brain every single week and how it works.”

Awareness of user needs

  • Delivering content to the right consumers through the right medium is very important
  • Consumers look at social media with a bit of skepticism towards the quality of the content
  • A weekly email newsletter is reliable and socially responsible, meeting people where they are

“All of these things [Facebook, Instagram, etc.] are platforms and who you choose to follow obviously impacts your relationship with that medium.”

Advice to creators and aspiring creators of medical apps

  • Develop your niche and become an expert
  • You cannot be all things to all people, but you can serve your specific audience very well
  • Implement some tests with your target demographics to determine how they want to interact with an app like yours

“There are four major pillars that I believe as core to having a healthy brain and they are hydration, nutrition, sleep, and social connection.”

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