15MWTD - John Cassidy - Cambridge Cancer Genomics
25: Precision Oncology with John From Cambridge Cancer Genomics
5th June 2019
15MWTD - Dan Murray-Serter -Heights15MWTD - Dan Murray-Serter -Heights
27: Optimising Your Life & Brain with Dan Murray-Serter from Heights
23rd September 2019
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26: Staircase Chats with SkinVision & NeedleSmart – Digital Healthcare Show 2019

15MWTD - SkinVision & NeedleSmart
In this special recording of 15 minutes with the doctor, we have two guests providing a snapshot of two unique products. From SkinVision, we have Program Manager, Loes Van Egmond. SkinVision is a smartphone app that allows users to upload a photo of a skin lesion and get an assessment within 30 seconds. They are trying to improve early detection of skin cancers and subsequently make treatment more affordable. From Needlesmart, we have CEO Cliff Kirby. NeedleSmart is a device that destroys a hypodermic needle in the fraction of a second by heating it to over 1300 degrees Celsius. The product potential to reduce costs and improve the process for sharps disposal.

About the SkinVision App:

  • A smartphone app that uses a machine learning algorithm to directly provide dermatological screenings to the public.
  • Launched in 2015 and has 1.2 million downloads so far.
  • 3.5 million pictures in their database, which allows them to constantly test their algorithm.
  • If users receive a high-risk assessment, the app follows up with them to make sure they visit a dermatologist or a doctor.

On the lack of progress in chemotherapy: “We’ve set a company mission to save 250,000 lives in the next decade.”

Its effectiveness:

  • 95% accurate in diagnosing melanoma and 97% effective in diagnosing non-melanoma.
  • General physicians are 60% accurate and dermatologists are 75-90% accurate based on their experience.

“By driving early detection, you can make the treatment much more affordable.”


  • The NHS is complex and difficult to work with, but progress is being made at SkinVision as part of the Innovation Accelerator program.

“By driving early detection, you can make the treatment much more affordable.”

About NeedleSmart:

  • Destroys a hypodermic needle in a fraction of a second by heating it to 1300 degrees.
  • Created to reduce the number of sharps and simplify the disposal process.
  • Wifi enabled, which allows each unit to collect data and automatically reorder supplies based on usage.

Its effectiveness:

  • The NeedleSmart process destroys the needle completely, potentially allowing needles to be disposed more simply and cost-effectively.


  • The need for a process for early adopters to try out the product and provide feedback and recommendations.
  • Difficulty of getting NHS approval or attention.

“The challenge right now is to convince an old embedded process that this could really add value to the system.”

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