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Latest from 15 Minutes with the Doctor

8th May 2024
Kaleigh Hartigan - Fertility Mapper

63: Fertility Mapper: How to help patients navigate the fertility treatment journey? With CEO Kaleigh Hartigan

On this episode, Kaleigh Hartigan, CEO and founder who has created fertility mapper joins the show. It’s powered by user reviews and provides clarity to those […]
17th April 2024
Bruce Elliot - Memory Lane Games

62: Can you use an app to unleash the power of photos & games in dementia?

On this episode, we have CEO Bruce Elliot from Memory Lane games. It all started as a chat in a humble pub with his co-founder, where […]
27th March 2024
Kelly Klifa - Ally Health

61: Reimagining the community nursing journey for patients & nurses using tech with Kelly Klifa from Ally Health

On this episode, CEO and co-founder Kelly Klifa joins the show to discuss Ally Health. It’s a company that uses digital scheduling with a track and […]

My Skills


  • Sten and the Goldmine

    Launching Soon!

    Sten and the Goldmine is a short children’s story that was inspired by the nifty and resourceful Namib desert beetle. This book is unique because it uses fiction to tell a story about a real-life insect and how it survives in one of the harshest places on Earth

  • This is a Green

    An inspiring yet eco-ethical t-shirt?

    Two completely different concepts combined together led to us starting our t-shirt label – This is a green. Our distinctive idea was to have complete traceability across the whole supply chain with t-shirts that had inspiring and thought-provoking designs.

  • Stenocara
    An innovation and communication agency set up in the final year of medical school with my brother. The goal: to encourage the development of eco-ethical products, solutions and businesses.