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Four Important Considerations In A Logo For A Doctor Or Any Health Professional!

Vinay Shankar

I love logos.

They are the defining aspect of many brands. Take the Apple logo, Nike, or even the National Health Service logo. What do you think when you see these images? What factors have influenced the way you think about these organisations?

If you are a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist or optician for example, you might wish to have a logo for your practice or personal work – maybe a blog, consultancy or another product. Before thinking about your logo think about your story (more info about this in my free eBook) or what you stand for i.e. your brand. This is the basically what defines you, what you stand for, your ideas, concepts, perceptions and what makes you different. Your logo is then the visual representation of this. Your logo can’t represent everything you stand for but there should be consistency across your brand so it’s recognisable.

Consider the following when thinking about your logo:

  1. Think about your story, how you want to be perceived and what you can offer. Much of our work is patient-facing so it’s important to keep your audience in mind.
  2. Make your logo shout out what you are about…How? Keep it true to you. After all, it’s your first impression. My logo is actually based on my signature and my favourite colour. It’s worth mentioning, different colours evoke different emotions so if your favourite colour is arctic blue or Barbie pink it might not work. But find something that represents you as your own healthcare brand.
  3. Your logo can be simple or complicated as you like. But remember, it’s the one visual representation of what you stand for and sometimes simple but effective works the best. Consider working with a designer to discuss the graphical aspects of using the same logo on different mediums such as print, digital, social media etc.
  4. Lastly, stay consistent. Your logo, colours and message should be familiar. It allows you to be recognisable and memorable.

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