Owain Rhys Hughes - Cinapsis - 15MWTD
46: Cinapsis, a healthtech platform supercharging how clinicians connect with Dr Owain Rhys Hughes
27th June 2022
Dr Benyamin Deldar - Deep Medical
48: How to go deeper with AI to reduce missed healthcare appointments in the NHS? With Dr Benyamin Deldar from Deep Medical
10th May 2023
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47: Can you use tech to empower our healthcare teams? with Dr Anas Nader from Patchwork

Dr Anas Nader - Patchwork Health
Dr Anas Nader is the Co-Founder of Patchwork Health, a digital solution that connects NHS organisations to an increasing number of healthcare workers, reducing dependency on locum agencies and improving the experience of flexible working in the NHS. Learn about Anas’s career journey, which he currently describes as three acts in a theatre show, why he left medicine, how they built and tested their tech at a large hospital and some key learning points on their digital health start-up journey so far.

Patchwork Health is a healthcare cloud-based workforce management application. Patchwork Health offers digital tools for rota creation, e-rostering, employee engagement, management of temporary staffing banks, collaborative staff banks, and vendor management. In addition, the clinical community is a source of extra capacity.

“People are to be treated with the level of value and respect that they deserve, including giving them the choice and empowerment to make a choice for themselves of how to work and where to work.”

Patchwork Health works with over 60 NHS partners across the UK to solve workforce issues since the medical career flexibility for clinicians who want to develop their multi-potentiality. They put flexibility and humanism at the centre of staffing systems through their end-to-end workforce management. Doctors in collaboration with the NHS created it to save millions in recruiting agency fees and enhancing interaction with healthcare professionals.

Patchwork Health https://www.patchwork.health/
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