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10th May 2023
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49: How did a digital health blockchain startup lead to a telemedicine platform? With Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

Dr Abdullah Ableyatti - Medicalchain/MyClinic
Dr Abdullah Albeyatti is a GP and founder of two healthtech companies. Medicalchain harnesses blockchain technology to provide patients with access to their medical records on multiple levels of healthcare, removing barriers and enabling patients to be at the centre of their health. MyClinic is a telemedical solution created within three weeks of the Covid pandemic starting. It is now used in 78 countries and has unique clinician-inspired features. Discover the lessons learned through his entrepreneur journey, his insights on the intersection of medicine and tech, and the importance of empowering patients.

On the show, you’ll discover:

  • How Dr Albeyatti found his calling as a GP in 2018
  • How challenging systems were essential to becoming an entrepreneur
  • His experience in a Leeds Cardiology department where he built his website to standardise discharge summaries
  • How standardising discharge forms led to the development of Medicalchain
  • How Medicalchain helped create patient partnerships with doctors
  • How patient-held health records empower patients
  • How using Blockchain ensures the authenticity of medical records
  • How they developed MyClinic into a virtual waiting room for patients and practitioners
  • What Dr Abdullah has learned in over five years in Healthtech and as a digital health entrepreneur
  • How networks, whether employees or mentors are essential parts of your success

Get to grips with how Dr Abdullah Albeyetti became a two-time founder – putting his logical brain to the task of creating more effective and efficient processes for medical systems worldwide.

LinkedIn:Dr Abdullah Ableyatti
Website: https://medicalchain.com
Website: https://www.myclinic.com

Connect with Vinay: Vinay Shankar
Website: https://www.oncedaily.co
iTunes: 15 Minutes With The Doctor
Spotify: 15 Minutes With The Doctor

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