9th August 2016
Dr Emoticon

Calling all healthcare professionals…and fans of children’s books!

Hello All. In a world where we are overloaded with information from newspapers, TV, social media and much more – I am grateful for you taking […]
9th August 2016
Writing: For the Fictionally Undiscovered

Writing: For the Fictionally Undiscovered    

People often say to me, “I don’t think I could be a writer or author.” The fact is, I don’t think anyone is born a writer. […]
2nd September 2016
Healthcare Entrepreneur

Why Being A Healthcare Professional Can Help You To Be An Entrepreneur

“Me, an entrepreneur? No Way,” I hear you say. Some people might feel that being in healthcare and being an entrepreneur is bad…That it only means […]
11th September 2016
Great Escape Book Cover

Is There Anything A Children’s Book Can Remind A Doctor About Dementia?

Firstly, why do I read children’s book’s? Well, after a long day, when the eyes are tired and the mind wants to unwind, I often find […]