28th April 2017
15 MWTD - Dr Paul Upton

01: How to create a new platform for pre-operative assessment – Dr Paul Upton

In this episode, we’ve got Dr Paul Upton from Ultramed. I met Paul at a med-tech innovation conference in 2016, and loved the new pre-op assessment […]
21st February 2017
A&E Logo

Is Our Accident and Emergency Logo Too Effective?

A few weeks ago I discussed some important considerations for healthcare professional logos. It made me wonder, there is a healthcare logo that the majority of […]
21st December 2016
Sten and the Goldmine

Sten and the Gold Mine: What Can Children’s Stories Teach

As an adult, I’m not embarrassed to say I like reading children’s books. After a long day, I find them easier to unwind with. As a […]
17th November 2016
Four Reasons Why a Doctor

Four Reasons Why A Doctor or Any Health Professional Should Consider Writing A Book!

Are you a nurse, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, medical student, or in fact any type of qualified healthcare provider? If so, you offer something very valuable […]